Order 30+ Personalised 2014 calendars & get a FREE Website

1st Option:
Order 30 to 45 personalised 2014 Calendars on PVC at $10 each & get a Starter Package Website valued at
$150 for FREE

2nd Option:
Order 35 to 50 personalised 2014 Calendars on PVC at $15 each & get a Bronze Package Website valued at
$345 for FREE

Website Design

Website Pricing
Website costs amongst completely different website design companies/firms are immensely different, and that is as a result of quality is completely different. All our website styles/designs are high quality and fairly priced. Our pricing for websites are based on the scope of project/work - it might price as very little as $150.00 or in more than $5000.00 . Please contact us for a free a quote.

Web Design Process
The time it takes to build and design a website depends on the scope of project - it might take as very little as two (2) days or longer than a month. If you tell us precisely what you wish done, we will provide a more accurate timeline.

Website Maintenance
If we engage on your job, we'll design and build it from scratch. We exclusively offer maintenance to websites that we designed and built.

For minor changes, we charge a standard minutely rate of $1 per minute (so you do not have to pay for a full hour of maintenance if it only takes five minutes). For structural changes, we'll give you with a quote based on what must be done.

For frequent maintenance, you may look into a CMS (Content management System) in order to maintain the web site yourself, or a monthly retainer, whereby you will pay us monthly for an hour or more of our time at a reduced rate.

Website + Logo Special
If you give us formal approval to design your website, you also have the choice of us designing a logo for the same company at no cost.
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Starter Package
$150.00 / Year

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Gold Package

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Platinum Package

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Bronze Package

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Silver Package

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